About Us

  • We believe

    Belief is central to our core values and vision
  • Mission statement

    As acknowledged community leaders we advocate the significance of the early years of life.

    Parent Information Booklet
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  • Philosophy

    We believe that children are central to our philosophy and that positive relationships, built on secure attachments and trust and listening to children are essential for a child’s early learning.

    We believe in valuing each child as an individual and acknowledge that parents know their child best. We work in partnership with families to support the home culture and build on our understanding of their child.

    We believe that by experiencing respect, kindness, fairness, acceptance and empathy, children can develop and learn to express these qualities themselves.

    We believe our centre has an aesthetically pleasing, friendly atmosphere and that everyone who enters is welcomed and valued as an individual.

    We believe the curriculum is negotiated by children, early childhood educators, family and the community and is inclusive of all routines, interactions and experiences.

    We believe that children learn through play as they engage in exploration, imagination and experimentation and as they interact socially with adults and their peers.

    We believe that during periods of transition, children and families should take as much time as they need to build trust with educators and to feel comfortable and secure in their environment. 

    We believe in promoting respect for all people in recognising and celebrating the similarities and differences, diverse backgrounds and abilities of everyone in our community.