Infant Room

  • Infant Room

    The Infant Room has been set up to care for children who are aged from 6 weeks to 16 – 18 months, dependent on the child’s development. The staff ratio is 1:4


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  • Philosophy

    We aim to provide an environment that is warm, caring and nurturing, where an infant can develop trust in themselves and others. We believe in actively encouraging the infant to use his/her senses of touch, sight, sound and smell to gain information of his/her world and the people in it. We believe that without secure attachments children do not learn. An individual’s early experiences and interactions with their special adults create patterns of behaviour and expectations for others throughout childhood; they shape the child’s personality.


    We use a wide range of methods to communicate with our parents, including our communication boards in the room, daily notes, newsletters, children’s portfolios and verbal conversations especially at drop off and pick up times.