Kinder Room

  • Kinder Room

    The Kinder Room has been set up to care for children who are aged from 2.5 years to 3.5 years, dependent on the child’s development. The staff ratio is 1:6/7.


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  • Philosophy

    In keeping with the centre’s philosophy, we aim to encourage children to reflect and recognise their own individual feelings within a variety of settings and to create an environment which can nurture the total wellbeing of the child. We encourage children to explore many areas of creativity and aesthetic awareness through the use of a variety of sensory creative materials and cultural musical equipment. We will encourage the development of these areas through the use of programs based on the needs and interests of the children.


    We use a wide range of methods to communicate with parents, including our communication boards in the room, newsletters, children’s portfolios and verbal conversations throughout the day.