Our Team

  • Experienced and nurturing care

    One of the most important aspects at our centre is our nurturing, experienced and passionate educators.
  • We have above the required educator-to-child ratios with a strong mix of qualifications in each room. We look after our educators by providing above award wages and conditions and we are committed to providing on going professional development to ensure all educators are up to date with the latest trends in the sector. We employ educators from all walks of life and are inclusive, offering all educators the opportunity to be a part of our dynamic team. Australian Sign Language is used to communicate with educators and children.

  • Many of our educators have been at the centre for over 5 years. We employ educators who are passionate and committed to caring for children from birth to five years. All educators and support staff undergo a child related screening every 3 years.

    Our Director, Tracey Gabel has been at the centre for 18 years starting in 1999 and our Assistant Director, Claire Austen has been at the centre since 2011..