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Welcome to our community!

Happy Valley Community Children's Centre
Linda Street, Happy Valley, SA 5159

Happy Valley Community Children’s Centre

A community-based, not-for-profit organisation with a strong focus on inclusivity and community.

Welcome to Happy Valley Children’s Centre!

We are a sun smart, nut-aware Centre with a non-bias and multicultural approach to child care. We respect each child and their family’s needs with an emphasis on working together as a team to create a homelike atmosphere.

We consistently exceed the National Quality Standards providing exceptional, quality care to all children.

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Grow Cart

Sustainability at HVCCC

The following initiatives have been implemented at our service. Grow Cart – “Give what you can, take what you need”. Our cart has been set

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See what parents and caregivers are saying.

Amazing childcare Centre.

Suzanne L

I did field placement here many years ago. It was a great place to learn from. I only hear positive feedback.

Hayley H

Both my boys went there and I have been really pleased with the staff and the great times they have had at the Center.

Damien H

Both of my boys attend/attended happy valley community childcare Centre, the eldest left the end of last year to go to school and what a beautiful young boy all the educators helped him become.

My youngest is still there in the junior room and all the educators help him in every way possible to be his happy little self.

I don’t do pick ups/drop offs all that often but when I do all the educators make me feel welcome. It’s a joy to be apart of such a nice Centre!

Jake S

My sons went here. It backs on to the kindy and they walk them through the gate when they are 4 years old. The is perfect for working parents. They are accredited, not for profit; & parents can join the committee. Very professional. I Loved the reports I received on their development and friendships.

Ruth K

Amazing, caring, wonderful staff who are brilliant at their job! My little boy has loved his time so far!

Allyson W

Amazing place to send my boys! The staff are caring, kind and understanding. Really feels like a family.

Alex B

Incredible Centre with amazing staff who genuinely care about our kids. It’s a tough decision returning to work and needing to use childcare but the staff have always been so reassuring and our kids happiness is proof that we made the right decision.

Keep up the great work!

Liz E

This is where my son goes and he absolutely loves it! Staff are so caring, loving and thoughtful. Made going back to work so much easier!

Melissa M

I have been with Happy Valley for nearly 4 years and my girls and I just LOVE it!! All the staff are amazing and feels like a second family.

Mayley M

Been a part of the family for 8 years. Couldn’t be happier!

Kristy J

Support for every step

We provide care for children aged from six weeks to school age in our four rooms:

Infant Room:

6 weeks to 16-18 months

Junior Room:

16-18 months to 2.5 years

Kinder Room:

2.5 years to 3.5 years

Preschool Room

3.5 years to school age

Girl Playing Sand
Boy Playing a Toy Car
Girl Painting
Boy Riding a Toy

Our Mission

As acknowledged community leaders we advocate the significance of the early years of life.

We believe:

Children are central to our philosophy and that positive relationships, built on secure attachments and trust and listening to children are essential for a child’s early learning.
In valuing each child as an individual and acknowledging that parents know their child best. We work in partnership with families to support the home culture and build on our understanding of their child.
By experiencing respect, kindness, fairness, acceptance and empathy, children can develop and learn to express these qualities themselves.
Our Centre has an aesthetically pleasing, friendly atmosphere and that everyone who enters is welcomed and valued as an individual.
That curriculum is negotiated by children, early childhood Educators, family and the community and is inclusive of all routines, interactions and experiences.
Children learn through play as they engage in exploration, imagination and experimentation and as they interact socially with adults and their peers.
That during periods of transition, children and families should take as much time as they need to build trust with Educators and to feel comfortable and secure in their environment.
In promoting respect for all people in recognising and celebrating the similarities and differences, diverse backgrounds and abilities of everyone in our community.
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