We are Happy Valley Community Children’s Centre

Because quality care leads to excellent humans.

Swinging Toddler

Learning together every day

On behalf of our Educators and Management Committee we would like to take the opportunity to welcome you, your child/ren and your family to the Centre. We hope that your time with us is filled with happy memories and we are honoured to have you join our community. The opportunity to support your child/ren in their developmental journey is something we truly appreciate.

At Happy Valley Community Children’s Centre, we aim to give all children a sense of belonging, being and becoming, making the transition from home to childcare as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on high-quality care that exceeds the National Quality Standards.

We are fortunate to have a very low turnover of educators which enables a continuity of relationships for the children, enabling educators to form strong relationships with each child and their families. Our Educators have been chosen for their skills, knowledge, experience and passion within the early childhood field. They hold varying qualifications and are approved by ACECQA and the Education Standards Board. We are privileged to be connected to the wider community and provide care and education to many children through the first vital years of their life.

Happy Valley Community Children’s Centre is a non-for-profit community-based organisation. We are fortunate enough to have a dedicated Management Committee who generously donate their time to the Centre. Without the help of the Management Committee and the parents that join the committee we would not have the wonderful environment that we do. We wish to thank all parents who volunteer to be a part of the committee.

At Happy Valley Community Children’s Centre, we welcome parents to be as involved as you can, although we do understand how busy your lives can be. We want you to feel comfortable in this space and know that the Centre is yours to explore and enjoy with your child. If parents/caregivers would like to share special skills, talents or their cultures, we would encourage parents to speak to Team Leaders of their child’s room. We know that a child’s education starts at home with their family.