Sustainability at HVCCC

Grow Cart

The following initiatives have been implemented at our service.

  • Grow Cart – “Give what you can, take what you need”. Our cart has been set up by one of our parents who spends valuable time maintaining the cart. The cart is very popular with the local community.
  • Nespresso pod recycling – Any aluminium pods can be recycled by dropping them off at our Centre. Nespresso picks them up for us when our box is full!
  • St Vincent De Paul donation bins – These bins are for donating clothes toys and household items.
  • Clark Brothers recycling – The green bin on our veranda is for can & bottle recycling.
  • Recyclable materials for play – Families and friends of our centre donate recyclable materials such as boxes, bottle tops, cards, etc for the children to use in their play.
  • Upcycling – We use cable reels, logs, tyres, milk crates etc for the children to explore in the outdoor play space

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